6 Reasons for Not Selling Your House to an Investor in Hartford, CT


In the FBSO deal scenario, the client may be willing to see the house. Still, the buyer’s agent knows no professional colleague is present. The buyer and seller typically paid the agent a six percent commission. There is a perception that FSBO sellers are unreasonable and not realistic. It’s not hard to sell your house fast in Hartford. You must make the appropriate choice at the proper time. According to research, FSBO homes typically sell for about 6% less than those listed with agents, and you will still usually be responsible for providing a competitive buyer’s agent commission. Additionally, FSBO homes are more likely to be sold after an offer has been accepted and take longer to sell.

Working with a low-commission real estate agent who can sell your home for the top dollar may allow you to make more money because FSBO homes typically sell for less money. Clever, for instance, negotiates with highly regarded local agents 1% listing fees (or $3,000 for homes under $350,000). For a fraction of the usual cost, you can get the assistance of a full-service agent to make the most money possible from your sale.

Realtors Avoid Emotional Selling 

The process of selling a house involves the owners’ emotional connection and association. You can avoid making silly mistakes if you have an agent during this process. A mistake that causes you to wait for the home’s selling price is overpricing.  A credible Home Buer like Common Good Home Buyers will never commit these mistakes, and your selling process will not linger on as well because we are the Reputable Hartford House Buyer

Real Estate Needs Full Devotion & Proper Time 

Real estate is a full-time occupation that requires dedication and time. It’s hard to keep track of a busy person’s work schedule. There is effort, energy, and time needed after a busy day at work, which is nearly impossible after a busy schedule. To get a good deal, you must answer every potential buyer’s phone; When you are unavailable, it is impossible. Common Good Home Buyers will play a vital role in a transparent and smooth house-selling process. Without proper time and full effort, it could be the worst ever experience of your life.    

sell your house fast in haertford CT

Credible Realtor Has An Accessibility   

Even though you can list your home on a number of websites, that is not enough. There is less demand for your property and a smaller pool of potential buyers if there are fewer of them. Despite this, you have a large professional network, but very few individuals are interested in promoting your home. A credible realtor has a large network, and accessibility to potential buyers is much easier as well. He will play the role of a bridge to meet your requirements regarding the desired price of your house. 

Homeowner Never Concentrate on Damage Repairs 

Companies that buy houses, like Common Good Home Buyers, have the knowledge to point out the changes that need to be made in the house, and you can get rid of all defects and do repairs. We assist you throughout the process and make things much easier for you. Before showing it to buyers, experts recommend using a reputable cleaning service. We didn’t care about the problems and repairs that needed to be done right away because we owned the house. When you sell your home in Hartford, this is another reason why you won’t get a good price. 

Avoid Non Serious Buyers 

It is crucial to steer clear of buyers who aren’t serious and will waste your time. It is essential to locate qualified buyers. Maintaining your house in pristine condition so potential buyers can see it is very hectic. As a homeowner, you want to minimize these problems and focus on achieving results. Through qualifying questions, real estate agents were able to identify potential buyers quickly and had an understanding of the market. Additionally, there are a few closing questions regarding the qualifying criteria; For instance, have they viewed any other residences? Also, inquire about their payment method. These are a few ways to avoid buyers who aren’t qualified.

Legal Risk 

The ultimate objective is minimizing the risk level. Agents are subject to error, but they are protected by error insurance. Regarding real estate, there is an element of risk involved in the house-selling process. A credible realtor will assist you throughout the process. By approaching Common Good Home Buyers, you can sell your house fast in Hartford.      


The majority of people sell their homes with the intention of saving money, but they overlook other factors. Because the demands and requirements of this process are impossible to meet, you rarely close a deal on your own, and you often lose. By conducting a comparison analysis, you can better understand the fundamental differences between FSBO and real estate agents. All prominent reasons are explained in detail, and it depends on every individual to avail the maximum benefit from it by adopting an effective strategy. 

FAQ Section

Question. What is the ultimate advantage of selling your house to an investor? 

Answer. The advantage of selling your home by yourself is that you can save the realtor fees and minimize the risk level.  

Question. Is there any legal paperwork in the whole process? 

Answer. It is a known fact that paperwork will be a part of the process, but it needs to be done by an expert. 

Question. What are the three main benefits of FSBO?  

Answer. The three main benefits of FSBO are as follows. 

1. More Control 

2. Low Commission Charges

3. Not A Competitive Environment 

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